Friday, 20 March 2009


Within the next month or so, FracturedSpacesRecords will be proudly presenting, for people's assured delectation and delight, a magnificent t-shirt of the highest quality black colour superimposed with a larger-than-life FSR logo on the chest in white - if anyone is interested in purchasing one of these works of art then please express your interest by emailing me at forthwith... =)


Sunday, 15 March 2009


More great news - John Stillings' solo dark ambient noise project Metaconqueror has just been signed to FracturedSpacesRecords....!!!! 


In a couple of weeks (exact date to be confirmed) Rock 24/7 Online ( will be broadcasting a 3hr FracturedSpacesRecords special with yours truly, Simon Marshall-Jones, talking about the label ( how it got started, etc.,), playing some tunes from each of  the releases and previewing some new ones, and also playing some musical selections from his eminently dodgy past, just to show where his influences and tastes originated. Buckle your seatbelts people, it's going to be one WEIRD ride....  =)


An interview with the main man/creative driving force behind such projects as 20.SV, Seeker, Shamanic Death Trance and the FracturedSpacesRecords ethno-dark ambient release "BURNING SIGILS" XARDAS (aka Osman Arabi) has just been published today in the latest issue of HEATHEN HARVEST webzine - enjoy!!


The following CDs have recently been added to distro on the main website ( and all the prices now include P+P:

Beneath the Frozen Soil/Negative Reaction - Split (Totalrust) £10/13euros/$15 (hateful sludge/blackened doom)
Chaos as Shelter - Dawn Syndrome (Topheth Prophet) £9/11euros/$13 (ritual dark ambient)
Disciplina Urbana - NON DVCOR DVCO (Species Productions) £10/13euros/$15 (old school industrial)
Highgate - Untitled (Totalrust) £10/13euros/$15 (extreme doom/black metal)
Kreuzer - In Hoc Signo Vinces (The Eastern Front) £8/10euros/$12 (martial dark ambient/industrial)
Kreuzer/Surma - Viltis (The Eastern Front) £8/10euros/$12 (martial industrial/dark ambient)
Lietterspich - I Cum Blood in the Think Tank (Topheth Prophet) £8/10euros/$12 (noise/doom)
Moljebka Pvlse/Seventeen Migs of Spring - Rahva/Electricity Garden (Topheth Prophet) £9/11euros/$13 (drone/dark ambient/experimental)
Nord'n'Commander - Maps of the Shadow Travelling (Casus Belli Musica) £10/13euros/$15 (gothic/industrial/experimental)
Paganus - Paganus (Totalrust) £10/13euros/$15 (doom/grind)
Refuse to Die - Collection of Agnostic Flies (The Eastern Front) £8/10euros/$12 (industrial cabaret)
Stratvm Terror - This is My Own Hell (Reverse Alignment/Existence Establishment) £9/11euros/$13 (dark ambient/noise)
Volition - Volition (Totalrust) £10/13euros/$15 (extreme doom)
Wraith of the Ropes - Ada (Totalrust) £10/13euros/$15 (horror metal)

More to be added soon - for more details please see entries at the main website (

In other news, there will be some changes to the website, including introducing a basket system and integration with Paypal, so that ordering will be much easier. The present system was only a temporary measure while things were being set up. Also there will be much more regular updating of the site, with news, upcoming releases, events, special offers and much else. Please check back to the main site ( on a regular basis but please bear with us while the changes are being implemented! Many thanks for your patience!!

Saturday, 14 March 2009


Aries of As All Die and Power Through Will has released his debut full-length CD of dark occult industrial on pro-pressed CDr. 

FracturedSpacesRecords is pleased to announce that we will be the SOLE, EXCLUSIVE European distributor of this title and will be available shortly.Please contact Simon at for more details. Wholesale enquiries welcome.


Here are two sneak previews of the covers of the next two FracturedSpaces releases - DANIEL MENCHE'S "ODRADEK" limited LP (created by WALDTEUFEL'S MARKUS WOOLFF) & AS ALL DIE'S "FAILURE OF HUMAN SPIRIT" CD (created by German digital wunderkind THAMUS) - out within a month or so. Contact the label at for more details for purchasing (private customers) or wholesale prices (labels & distros). 

Thursday, 5 March 2009


TONIGHT!! Simon of FSR will be appearing on the "This Way to the Dark Ride" show on Rock 24/7 Online radio station, discussing FracturedSpacesRecords, the label and the music, with DJ Bahn. The url is, and the show is on between the hours of 8pm and 11pm GMT... CHECK IT OUT!!

Monday, 2 March 2009


An indepth interview has just been published online with the Kadaver project's main man, Michael Zolotov - you can read it here at - enjoy!!

Saturday, 28 February 2009


By way of a first 'proper' posting, it is with immense satisfaction, not to mention pleasure, that the next album by Texan Noise Terrorists STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES will be released on FracturedSpacesRecords, the working title of which is "SMELLS FROM THE CANCER FLOOR". Expect their usual brand of intensely harsh sonic brutality!!

Release is expected toward the end of the year - more news as and when I hear it!!

Welcome to FracturedSpacesRecords' new ongoing blog here on blogspot, a place where, along with all the OTHER sites I have scattered around the virtual electronic realms I will endeavour to keep everyone abreast of the latest developments, such as new signings, new releases, events, new stock arriving in the distro section, special offers and other things happening in my little corner of the universe. This is yet another tool to be used in my ambition to take FSR into the forefront (and vanguard) of this area of the music industry: indeed to make it into the upper echelons ultimately. 

This will be regularly updated as often as time allows - for instance stock is constantly arriving in the distro, so please come back regularly for your fix of everything FSR!!