Saturday, 28 February 2009


By way of a first 'proper' posting, it is with immense satisfaction, not to mention pleasure, that the next album by Texan Noise Terrorists STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES will be released on FracturedSpacesRecords, the working title of which is "SMELLS FROM THE CANCER FLOOR". Expect their usual brand of intensely harsh sonic brutality!!

Release is expected toward the end of the year - more news as and when I hear it!!

Welcome to FracturedSpacesRecords' new ongoing blog here on blogspot, a place where, along with all the OTHER sites I have scattered around the virtual electronic realms I will endeavour to keep everyone abreast of the latest developments, such as new signings, new releases, events, new stock arriving in the distro section, special offers and other things happening in my little corner of the universe. This is yet another tool to be used in my ambition to take FSR into the forefront (and vanguard) of this area of the music industry: indeed to make it into the upper echelons ultimately. 

This will be regularly updated as often as time allows - for instance stock is constantly arriving in the distro, so please come back regularly for your fix of everything FSR!!